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Multipurpose handicap taxis for flexible transportation needs

Handicap taxi cab minivans serve multiple purposes for any taxi service, non-emergency medical transport company, or assisted living service. Commercial taxi cabs made accessible for wheelchair and mobility scooter passengers provide much-needed transportation for individuals who require a wheelchair or scooter for day-to-day mobility, and they're ideal transportation for individuals or groups in need of a larger vehicle. Whether you purchase one of our minivans or bring us a van to modify for wheelchair accessibility, AMS Vans will install our manual conversion for only $9,980. For this low price, you can add multipurpose, affordable, rear entry, ADA-compliant handicap taxis to your fleet.

Our commercial taxi cab minivans are:
  • Roomy enough for the driver, up to four passengers, and one wheelchair
  • Small enough to fit into standard parking spaces
  • Built with a rear ramp for manageable maneuverability
  • Built strong enough to transport up to 1,500 pounds
Since the Americans with Disabilities Act requires that taxi services have at least one handicap taxi to maintain licensure if they add a van or SUV to their fleet, purchasing one or more commercial taxi vans adapted for wheelchairs and scooters from can be a wise investment. AMS Vans is here to provide you with affordable handicap vans destined to be the most versatile vehicles in your taxi service.

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