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AMS Vans provides some of the safest, most reliable wheelchair taxis on the market

As you strive to provide the highest-quality transportation services to your clients, AMS Vans works with you to make your service not only as safe and reliable as possible, but simple as well. If you're planning to add wheelchair taxis to your fleet, our conversion vans are among the best you can buy. AMS Vans is consistently ahead of the pack. We're committed to keeping our vans reasonably priced while, at the same time, maintaining high safety standards. Our safety measures meet and often exceed federal standards, and we always maintain our ADA compliance. When you buy a van from us, the van is immediately ready for your clients with special needs.

AMS Vans is dedicated to providing transportation alternatives for anyone with a disability or special need. Along with our commitment to high-quality, low-cost transportation for individuals and families who need wheelchair-accessible transportation, we'll do everything we can to provide cost-effective, commercial wheelchair vans that are strong, safe, and simple to all transportation services. We manufacture rear-entry, crash test-certified conversions on a variety of minivan makes and models. Our incomparable quality and service at such affordable prices will make your commercial wheelchair vans the best in your fleet.

For more information on AMS Vans, or to learn more about our conversions, contact us today.

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