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Don't overspend on a wheelchair van ever again. $9,980 will now buy an ADA compliant accessible Taxi Van for your fleet.Contact us for great deals.
AMS Vans is dedicated to providing those with disabilities and unique needs with affordable, ADA- compliant reliable transportation. All of our taxi vans are ADA compliant, complete with a 56" door opening and 31" ramp.

ADA Title II clearly states that:
  • Public transportation authorities may not discriminate against people with disabilities.
  • Any newly purchased or leased vehicles are required to be handicap accessible.
  • Transportation services are required to have at least two accessible vans in their fleet.
You can be sure your conversion will last as long as your taxi van is in your fleet, thanks to our lifetime warranty. You won't have to worry about the costly maintenance expenses required by some conversions, and you can serve your customers with confidence. Our history proves our vans are built to last, and our conversions are the best choice for your mobility taxi van needs.
About Accessible Taxis Complete your fleet with the most affordable accessible taxis on the market, including a lifetime warranty and free Q'Straints. Our rear entry taxis have plenty of room for the wheelchair plus 5 passengers, while still holding the appeal of a normal van. Learn more about us Research Taxi Vans Latest News
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